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Art Concept

I like to be perfectly free – more than that: perfectly lawless… When I am ill-natured I so enjoy the freedom of a hotel (..) I go to bed calmed & soothed & sleep as peacefully as a child.

Mark Twain (1872, in a letter to his wife)

Art opens up horizons and enriches the spirit. It can inspire, but also confront, provoke and in the ideal case, sharpen the wits. It can be found throughout the AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique. It contributes to the hotel’s identity, and is more than just a volatile, decorative element.

The art concept curated by Celena Ohmer has been individually tailored to the hotel and its location. It enriches the guest rooms with works by Tobias Rehberger and also adorns areas specially created for art. Artists Benedikte Bjerre and Roland Burkart have created two location-specific mirror installations for the AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique – the so-called Artist’s Room “Eternity Now” and the Artist’s Bridge “Grid Map”.

These two artists use their works to question our concept of how we can experience space with our senses. The AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique, in the very heart of the city, forms an urban microcosm which differs from the domestic environment and normal world of the guests. Bjerre and Burkart regard the location as a “testing ground” and approach the question of what intimate, personal experiences a transitory venue like a hotel can generate.

Particularly in the digital age, self-portrayal on social media platforms such as Instagram take the search for self-assurance to an absurd level. With their works, the two artists undermine the typical mechanisms of self-improvement in their very approach and instead enable observers to develop new ways of looking at things.   

Artist’s Room: “Eternity Now” by Benedikte Bjerre

Artist Benedikte Bjerre has created an installation entitled “Eternity Now” in the Artist’s Room. She brings the dimensions of space and time, which oddly appeared to be compressed in a hotel, to consciousness in an unusal way. The walls and ceiling are completely covered with ruby red mirrors to create a multiplication of everything that happens in the room – light, shadow, movement, stillness and temporality.

Time and the way in which it trickles away ceaselessly are symbolized in the form of an owl – the prepared animal hangs upside down in the window to guard the room, turning its head every hour on the hour.

The hotel room has no visible past or future, only the present comprising the guest, his movement and the space around him. By selecting the colour for the mirrors, the artist on the one hand refers to the Ruby, a valuable precious stone, and therefore to the history of the building as a former bank. On the other hand it awakens historical art and culture reminiscences. This mainly reminds observers of works by Sylvie Fleury and Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama and Rosemarie Trockel or film-maker David Lynch.

Artist’s Bridge by Luigi Fragola

The Artist’s Bridge runs between the hotel and restaurant in the AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique. This was realized by Luigi Fragola and floats like a glazed passage between the buildings. Roland Burkart chose this transit zone for his "in situ" work.           

The Artist’s Bridge guides the guest through an abstract world which appears to be disconnected from reality.

The mirror-glazed surface of the interior is clad with a grid system, consisting of black dots. This is based on virtual, hexagonal coordinate systems which the human brain generates to guide itself in space. Fragolas work makes the space appear to be a projection of the brain.

The recipient, his environment and the grid system of the mirror installation are reflected back and merge into each other. A walk through the passage, which is illuminated in changing colours, is designed to sensitize the guests to their environment and perception.